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    Vnlin is a company committed to providing high-quality logistics solutions and provides one-stop warehousing logistics services for customers in the Middle East; including international transportation, customs clearance, overseas warehousing, last mile delivery, cash on delivery and reverse logistics; Vnlin deeply lays the last kilometer of the Middle East and overseas warehouses in the Middle East. It has a self-built IT team and has self-developed OMS, WMS and TMS, which can provide more technical support to customers with Middle East needs. Vnlin has covered the All GCC countries and is also a third-party comprehensive logistics service provider recommended by many E-commerce platforms. The company has always been famous for providing high-quality logistics services. Through continuous innovation and optimization of operating processes, the company has always been committed to providing customers with excellent logistics solutions. Contact us to learn more about our services.

    About us

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    Our core team has been engaged in Middle East E-commerce logistics for more than 10 years,we seek to provide the best logistics solution possible.